We care about knowledge.

We catalyse and enable actionable knowledge sharing and innovation to create planet-positive impact at all levels

– from international policy development down to concrete action at local level.


Humanity already has 

most of the solutions 

to tackle the climate and ecological crises.
Time is running out and we don’t need to reinvent more wheels.

We need to harness our

existing knowledge

and share it much more efficiently

between us. It’s smart to use and share existing knowledge as a launchpad for 
innovation and development.

How many wheels have you reinvented lately?

Our unique approach


Catalysing knowledge

We unlock tacit knowledge

in people and leverage

state-of- the-art sustainability research

Scaling solutions

We scale solutions through actionable learning partnerships between organisations that want to make a difference

System thinking

We help tackle complex sustainability issues

through interdisciplinary collaboration


Work we're proud of


Training programmes on change

management for sustainability

and climate action for strategic 

functions in regional and local

government in Sweden.

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Global collaboration project
 to advance electric mobility. Co-leadership of the knowledge sharing process of the Clean Energy Ministerial Horizontal Accelerator on Electrical Vehicles Power System Integration. Read more...
Advisor on results dissemination

Training programme, strategic advice and workshop series on knowledge sharing and impactful dissemination of climate project results. Read more...

Smart Knowledge Management for
Accelerated Climate Transition 

Co-leading the development of interactive digital platform to support development and execution of  climate projects aiming for sustainable impact over time. Read more...  

International knowledge sharing

project on development of innovation policy and regulatory sandboxes to accelerate scaling and deployment of innovation for the energy system transition. Read more...


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