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We care about knowledge.

We catalyse planet-positive impact at all levels.

From international policy development to concrete action at local level – through challenge-focused knowledge sharing, innovation and capacity building.

With a solid foundation in key sustainability fields, we specialise in designing, leading and facilitating partnerships for transdisciplinary knowledge sharing, innovation and co-creation. Building capacity in people and organisations to accelerate the transition towards a truly sustainable society.


Time is running out.

Powerful solutions to tackle the climate and ecological crises have already been invented.

We need to harness our existing knowledge more efficiently and use it as a launchpad for challenge-focused innovation and action to accelerate sustainable development.

How many wheels have you reinvented lately?

Our unique approach


LightSwitch’s unique approach combines transdisciplinary knowledge sharing with co-created innovation and capacity building, to empower people and organisations to take leadership in creating transformative change for sustainability.

In the collaborations and projects we lead, all three dimensions are at play – guiding our efforts in tackling complex sustainability issues together with our clients and partners.

Knowledge Sharing

Co-created Innovation



Our strong expertise and wide experience in these interlinked dimensions, along with our key success factors and service offering enables LightSwitch to catalyse planet-positive impact.


Scaling Solutions




We are system thinkers and acknowledge the enormous complexity of the sustainability challenges we are facing. LightSwitch’s mission is to be change agents for the Global Goals. We focus our efforts particularly on Goal 17, 13, 11 and 7. 

Global Goals in focus


Work we are proud of

Global knowledge sharing partnership to advance electric mobility


Co-leading the knowledge sharing process of the Clean Energy Ministerial Horizontal Accelerator on Electrical Vehicles Power System Integration.

Building capacity for regional and local governments in Sweden
Training programmes on change leadership for sustainability and climate action for strategic roles in regional and local government in Sweden.
Supporting cities on climate neutral public procurement


Supporting Swedish cities in Fossil Free Sweden's Climate Leadership Program, with deep-dive knowledge sharing and co-creation on strategies for public procurement.

Advising National Energy Efficiency Program on scaling methodologies


Strategic advice for the Swedish Energy Agency and regional stakeholders on how to scale solutions and lessons learned from Energy Efficiency Company Networks in Sweden

Our work dates back to 2012...
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