The essence

LightSwitch is building capacity in people to radically transform our societies in a more planet-friendly direction. Every day.


Our contribution to the green revolution is to enable actionable knowledge sharing and innovation partnerships between people and organizations that want to make a positive difference. Through our work, we support people to become effective change agents in their respective contexts and spheres of influence. 


We work to bring about a cultural shift in how we work together to solve the complex challenges facing our planet and thereby humanity. We believe that knowledge is the key.


Our mission is to put existing knowledge to better use by sharing it more efficiently and thereby laying the foundations for better innovation.



We focus our attention on issues related to mitigating climate change, accelerating the transition to a renewable energy system, and making concrete progress in other key strategic sustainability areas.


LightSwitch is a catalyst for planet-friendly partnerships between people and organizations. We lead, design, and facilitate challenge-driven, actionable knowledge sharing and innovation collaborations with a view to building the foundations for sustainable change. 

We combine a unique set of skills, competences, and experiences that enable us to be a trusted advisor and partner to key actors who are serious about realizing the green revolution.

Knowledge is our lifeblood. We know a lot about how knowledge is created, developed and shared between people. Through our strong international network, we can also leverage state-of-the-art expertise and research in areas relating to climate, energy and other sustainability areas. 

We are system thinkers and through our work with organizations in different societal sectors and at different levels, from international policy development to concrete action at local level, we are also bearers of knowledge and help connect the dots and bridge the silos.

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Our team


LightSwitch is a modern and flexible consultancy gathering
value-driven people who are deeply dedicated to leveraging

knowledge to accelerate the transition to a planet-friendly society.

We are based in Sweden but are active globally.

The LightSwitch Team joins a unique combination of knowledge and experience in different fields enabling us to …

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Founder and Company Director of LightSwitch since 2012. Deeply committed to be a force for planet-positive change through leveraging sustainability knowledge and building constructive partnerships between people and organisations at all levels and across societal sectors. Special interests include designing, leading and facilitating knowledge sharing processes, based on the logic of the LightSwitch model. Particularly active in intergovernmental organisations for policy development in the clean energy transition as well as change management trainer and advisor for regional and local governments to accelerate concrete action on sustainability. System thinker who believes that connecting and building capacity in other people is among the most impactful things you can do.

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